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As you know from our home page GamingEvents in a place where you can aspire to be a better gamer, view our content we create, and share the content you have made. We would like to share a little about ourselves, who we are, and why we are here.

Idea Master

Sam's Profile PictureHello, I'm Sam (on the right in the picture) otherwise known online as (xxQue) the guy who thought about creating GamingEvents. You may be asking yourself why would you go through the trouble of creating a website like this? Well, during our senior year in high school we had to complete a senior project. Most kids do projects such as holding rallies, fixing up boats, or raising money for charities. When it was my turn to deicide what I wanted to do for my project I choose to hold a Halo tournament for the local community. It was difficult because no other student had ever done anything like that, and the teachers didn't necessarily agree with my choice. Though, after persuading the principle and teachers that my project wasn't a joke I set out to hold my tournament. In the end my project was a huge success! Kids came from all over, some traveling hours just to participate. I was given one of the highest grades in my class and had an article written about me in the local paper. For me, GamingEvents is a way of continuing the idea of my senior project and hold tournaments for kids who wish to feel like a pro and be a part of something. Another goal of GamingEvents is to provide a chance for people to share their thoughts, creations, ideas and participate in comepetative gaming, when they may normally wouldn't have the opurtunity. I hope here at GamingEvents we can give you that feeling and bring you more in the future.

--Sincerely xxQue

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